My name is Susan, and I’ve been a Focus PEARL since August 2021. I have a 10-year-old son named Gil.

I am pursuing a career as a Victim Advocate. Meeting people in the midst of their grief is both an honor, and humbling. Grief is both beautiful & brutal. And, in no way linear.

I’m grateful for PEARL for so many reasons. First, the emotional support, the encouragement, the kindness, and love is immeasurable. PEARL has given me the ability to love myself when I haven’t been able to; PEARL has strengthened my faith.

To say I like one part of the program over the other is impossible, as every offering within PEARL has built my confidence, has encouraged me, and has provided in some way for my family.

This is my family’s year to Thrive, to Prosper, and to Heal; and it is possible through supporters like you, through the good work that PEARL does, and at the center of it all, God.