Vehicles Are A Major Source Of Independence
Get involved in PEARL Car Care Clinics
Vehicles offer single-parent families one of their greatest sources of independence, yet often times that independence is challenged by a vehicle that is under-serviced, unsafe, in need of repairs or even inoperable. The PEARL Transportation Program is primarily focused on safety for single parents and their children, providing periodic safety checks, essential repair work, temporary public transportation options and, in extreme situations, donated vehicles.

Each year, PEARL's Transportation Program services 100+ cars of single-parent families during monthly Car Clinics. Held on the second Saturday of months September through June, Car Clinics provide single parents a free oil change and 30-point safety check to ensure they can safely and consistently get to work, daycare, medical appointments, etc. In collaboration with local auto shops, PEARL's volunteer mechanic teams provide all routine vehicle and safety maintenance.