Helping Single Mothers Achieve Self-Sufficiency
Providing Empowerment & Acceptance through Resources & Love for Single Parents

Pearl of Hope (Level II)

At level I, single mothers in need of financial assistance that are referred to us by partnering organizations are connected to a Pearl case manager that will discuss availability of possible assistance and resources. If single mom decides to follow through with available assistance and resources, we will begin to monitor level of motivation (a key domain*). If intrinsic motivation is assessed to be at a level of safe or higher, the single mom will be offered to advance to Level II (Pearl of Hope).

Pearl of Hope (Level II)

The Pearl of Hope level encourages single moms from Level I with a motivation level of safe or higher to move towards economic independence and self-sufficiency by being the conduit between the single mom and appropriate supportive services necessary to achieve independence. This program is for a select group of single moms in which each participant is provided weekly services at a partnering organization coordinated alongside access to the broader service programs that are available to single mother families. At this level, we expect participants to also attend the Getting Ahead Class that is presented by Pearl certified facilitators and gain stability in motivation and the capacity to move forward on three other key domains (financial, spiritual, mental) before advancing to Level III (Focus Pearl), where they will focus on educational and other intensive long-term goals.

Focus Pearl (Level III)

The Focus Pearl level provides a foundational model for mentorship, accountability and sustainability for the single mother family. Single mothers with stable or higher motivation will learn how to create a clear vision for their lives, and the lives of their children, while walking through each step with the support, love and guidance of a Pearl case manager and partnering organizations. It is expected that by participating at the Focus Pearl level, single mother families receive the resources and support necessary for them to complete higher learning, become fully self-sufficient, free of any type of government/county assistance, and stable or thriving in the majority of the twelve domains** (financial, spiritual, support systems, mental, emotional, physical, relationship and role models, hidden rules, formal register, motivation, coping strategies, and integrity).
*Adapted from Bridges Out of Poverty by Philip E. Devol and Ruby K. Payne
**Adapted from Boulder County Self-Sufficiency Matrix and Arizona Self-Sufficiency matrix
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