Kelli Smith

Kelli believes that God has a plan for everyone, but that He gave us other people to help with our journey. She is married to her soulmate, Brent, and is a mother to two college students, a boy and a girl. She is also very blessed to be a stepmom to three grown kids and three grandkids.

Kelli has lived most of her life in Colorado and received her master’s degree in business and management at CSU. She spent 30 years leading businesses and building strong, high-performance teams, mostly in the healthcare industry. Kelli recently retired from UC Health where she built and led the Urgent Care team across northern Colorado. “The greatest joy of my career has been helping people grow their careers and personal lives as well as building solid long-term relationships.”

Kelli is passionate about giving back to the community, especially when it comes to single moms and their kids. Once a single mom herself, Kelli understands just how difficult it can be to balance the day-to-day stress and successfully manage a career. She feels that the support of amazing friends and family lifted her up and allowed her to raise incredible children. That is why her lifelong goal is to give back now that she has the ability.

Pearl gives Kelli the opportunity to follow her passion and make a difference in others’ lives. She lives that out by mentoring single moms as part of LBCC’s Single Mom’s support group, which encourages women to find the path that God has planned for them. “It is amazing how much difference you can make in someone’s life by just listening and being supportive.”