How does PEARL track success?

Using a “Taxonomy of Outcomes,” PEARL evaluates specific program-centered outputs, program-centered outcomes, participant-centered outcomes, organization-centered outcomes and community-centered outcomes, monitoring everything from the number of cars being repaired, to change in behavior and the grades of kids involved in the Pearl Kids Mentoring Program.

Specific to the levels within the P.E.A.R.L.S. Program, we have created an evaluation process developed through a unique combination of the Boulder County’s Self Sufficiency Index and concepts within Bridges Out of Poverty. The evaluation measures participants in 12 domains (resources) and are scored as thriving, stable, safe, vulnerable or being in crisis. This is unique in that The Pearl Group is comprehensive in the approach, yet it uses an established set of recognized criteria. Specific to PEARL’s Taxonomy of Outcomes, these progresses support the effectiveness of the program in terms of improving upon skills, attitude and readiness, enriched behavior and enhanced status and economic condition.