My name is Susan, and I’ve been a Focus PEARL since August 2021. I have a 10-year-old son named Gil. I am pursuing a career as a Victim Advocate. Meeting people in the midst of their grief is both an honor, and humbling. Grief is both beautiful & brutal. And, in no way linear. I’m grateful for PEARL for so many reasons. First, the emotional support, the encouragement, the kindness, and love is immeasurable. PEARL has given me the ability to love myself when I haven’t been able to; PEARL has strengthened my faith. To say I like one part of the program over the other is impossible, as every offering within PEARL has built my confidence, has encouraged me, and has provided in some way for my family. This is my family’s year to Thrive, to Prosper, and to Heal; and it is possible through supporters like you, through the good work that PEARL does, and at the center of it all, God.


My name is Robin, and I am grateful to be a part of the Focus PEARL Program since 2016. I have one amazing son whom I am blessed with…9-year-old Ryder David- the Warrior Knight. I am wrapping up my last class of grad school at Colorado Christian University. I will earn a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the end of this month after 7.5 grueling years in college as a working single-mom managing through a pandemic. Finally at the finish line! PEARL makes this possible simply by showing love, kindness, encouragement, and support. Not to mention, the food cards in which my family has been receiving has helped immensely in sustaining us throughout my higher education advancement. Plus, the kids mentoring, car clinics, financial planning, counseling, and ongoing guidance–I am forever thankful. What I like best about the program is the folks who are supporting the cause. PEARL holds a very special place in my heart. So much so that I am now creating non-profit programs to support marginalized groups in case management needs through an 8-dimensional wellness program. Our community is fortunate to have PEARL.


Hi, my name is Chandler and I have been a Focus PEARL since January 2019. I have one son named Lincoln and he is 1 year old. I started the program to get education as a medical assistant and I graduated in December of 2021. I’m now working as a medical assistant and will be continuing my education to become a nurse. PEARL helps me by helping me with a quiet place to study and they also provide support to me as well because I know I always have someone to turn to for anything I need whether it’s school related or life. They have become second moms to me and have given me support in life I never had growing up.


My name is Jazzmen and I’ve been part of the Focus PEARL program since 2019. I have 5 kids: Nikkoli, Avvery, Derrik’y, Cullen, and Jazzmyn. I am pursuing an education in Counseling and Addiction. I will be starting a program the beginning of March for yoga instruction to enhance my credentials. PEARL makes this possible because I receive support from women who are so uplifting and build me up when life tries to beat me down. PEARL helps me with gas expenses and helps make holidays more meaningful for my children. What I like best about the program is the support and the woman involved.


Hi, my name is Terhia and I have been part of the Focus PEARL program since May of 2021. I have 6 children, 3 of which still live with me at home. I am going to school to complete my EMT clinicals. PEARL has provided help through the Car Care Clinic, emergency bill payments, books, gift cards used for gas & groceries. I have also received classes on financial literacy, daily/spiritual mentoring and so much more. This all helps me to be less stressed about how I’m going to get through so I can focus on studying, appointments, and being a mom. I love the entire mission of PEARL.


My name is Melodie and I’ve been part of the Focus PEARL program since 2018. I am a single mom of three boys: 12, 10, & 3. I’m going to school for an Integrative Health Professions of Applied Science Associates degree (AKA a Holistic Health degree). PEARL makes this possible because they offer me food and gas gift cards, they help me obtain tools needed for school, and they also help me when something happens to my vehicle. When an emergency comes up, they are also able to help provide assistance. What I like best about the program, is that not only do they help provide financial and physical assistance, but they mentor me. They offer positive role models, spiritual guidance, and friendship. I love and appreciate the opportunity to work with the awesome ladies at PEARL!


My name is Taylor. I’ve been part of the Focus PEARL program since 2016. I have 2 kids and I’m going to school for nursing. PEARL makes this possible because I’m able to focus on school with the hope to one day be able to provide more for my boys. What I like best about the program is the friendships and relationships I’ve made over the years with women in a similar situation than me. I don’t have family nearby, but because of PEARL, I have a family of women who are constantly checking on my kids and I.


My name is Erika, I have 4 kids (3 still living with me) and I have been a Focus PEARL since Fall of 2021. I’m going to school for business, and I have been a massage therapist for 17 years. PEARL makes it possible because it gives me hope and helps financially with gas cards and helping fix my car in the shop! What I like best about the program is the help and hope it gives me knowing I’m not alone. I have 2 family members & no friends, so I was feeling completely alone.


My name is Cheyenne and I’ve been part of the Focus PEARL Program since 2020. I have 1 daughter – she’s 1 year old and her name is Maliah. I’m going to school to be a pediatric dental assistant. PEARL made this possible by paying my school tuition in full and gifting me a vehicle. What I like best about the program is that even when life gets busy, I am still able to stay the in the program. PEARL is a group that I know I can turn to for moral, emotional, and financial support to help me reach my goals.


My name is Jenna. I’ve been a part of the Focus Pearl Program since September 2021. I have 2 amazing sons. I am going to school to become a Certified Wellness Coach-specializing in lifestyle and behavior change. I am extremely appreciative for PEARL! The Focus PEARL program enables me to be able to concentrate and focus on my education; in order for me to better myself, my children and to be able to give back to the community. I wouldn’t have been able to return to school without assistance of this remarkable organization. I am forever grateful!


Hi, my name is Shannon, and I have been a Focus PEARL since 2019. I have three beautiful babies — a girl and two boys. I am currently going to school to get my Bachelor’s in Psychology. I hope to work at Boulder County Housing and Human Services when I get my degree. PEARL makes my dream possible by helping support me with gift cards for household necessities and with car repairs. They also have wonderful staff that spend time with you and help encourage you to make better choices in life. I am so grateful for this program.